Crim Dell photo
Jeff and I met on August 25, 2003 while we were moving into our dorm, Gooch Hall, at the College of William and Mary. Fast forward a few weeks to when we had our first kiss on the fire escape connecting our two floors. It was perfectly romantic on a Virginia autumn night. We didn’t start seriously dating right away but we immediately became close “friends” spending tons of time together studying, chilling, and talking till the wee hours of the night. We had our first official date after winter break in a 1965 Mustang when Jeff took me to Sonic. We had never been there before and it was love at first bite.
March 27, 2009
On March 27, 2004 we exchanged “I love yous” and a year later Jeff hung a huge sign on the Crim Dell celebrating our one year anniversary. Three years, five apartments, 40 classes, a semester in Australia and summer in Prague, a couple hundred Wawa hoagies, and five hundred million nights at the Green Leafe later we graduated from W&M and happily moved to Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia.
Fall of 2007
In the fall of 2007 Jeff started law school and I became a fundraiser. We realized after spending so many years together we had already accumulated so many traditions—the shore, Okemo, Sundays (I’ll get back to this one), Vince Lombardi, SNL, a ton of food traditions (of course)—and we wanted to share them with someone. MURPHY!

We moved to a bigger place in Old City for Murphy to run and play two weeks before Jeff completed his 1L. A few months later on August 31, 2008 during our “Sunday morning tradition” Jeff and Murphy proposed! Here’s how it happened:
August 31, 2008
Jeff, Murphy, and I walked out the door for our usual Sunday stroll to the Headhouse farmer’s market. Halfway there, Jeff proposed a detour to show me a new little nook in the city that I had never seen before. He said he discovered it during one of his bike rides. When we got to the destination, which we later found out is called Little Bear Park, Jeff seemed defeated at the sight of dozens of little kids. He quickly improvised and our walk continued until we reached a secluded tree-lined courtyard. After a confusing “can we stop here for a sec?” and me replying “um, no, why?” Jeff pulled out a poem from his backpack, got down on one knee, and said the most beautiful words to me. Two pages, three minutes, and a few tears later, Jeff asked me, “will you be my wife for the rest of our little life?” and proposed with the most beautiful, classic, timeless, and “so-me” cushion-cut diamond ring. And, of course, I said “yes, yes, yes!!”

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Currently, we are as happy as can be. Honestly, marrying Jeff will be very sweet and feel so natural because we’ve known for so long we were “IT” for each other. Our different personalities compliment each other and our shared values and dreams for the future make loving each other as easy as can be. August 15th can’t come any sooner as I can’t wait to see that ring around his cute little finger and call him my husband!